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Where Are My Glasses?!


Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you were there? Spent twenty minutes looking for your reading glasses, only to find them on the top of your head? Or have you started making lists so that you can remember things? Have you stared at the bottle of pills and not remembered if you already took them? Are you realizing that someone you are caring for appears to be slipping and may need a higher level of care than you are able to provide? Are you worried because you have a family history of dementia? Does that make you afraid every time you lose your keys? 

Why You Need To Read This Book


Your brain is aging—that’s a reality. When the topic of brain health is raised among middle-aged and older adults, a flurry of questions tends to follow: What is normal brain aging? When do changes that seem to be age related become cause for concern? Are there early warning signs of cognitive impairment? Am I at risk for cognitive impairment? Am I exhibiting deficits that go beyond normal brain aging? If so, is there anything I can do to reverse them or slow the rate of decline? Is there anything I can do to maintain my brain health as I age? 

Why We Wrote It


We wrote this book to help you become an educated consumer armed with practical, scientifically validated tools as, together, we navigate the complex thicket that is the aging brain. We bring decades of experience in the fields of cognition, neurophysiology, and senior care. This book merges our expertise, practical experience, and peer-reviewed research to educate, dispel common myths, and quell anxiety about age-related brain changes

About The Authors

William Mansbach, PhD


William E. Mansbach, PhD, is the founder and chief executive officer of Mansbach Health Tools LLC, which supports the BCAT Research Center. He is also the chief executive officer and president of CounterPoint Health Services, a multidisciplinary behavioral health-care company specializing in geriatrics. For many years, he was the chief operating officer of the largest geriatric behavioral health-care company in the United States specializing in long-term care. Prior to this, he was cofounder and chief executive officer of Comprehensive Geriatric Services, a Maryland-based company providing behavioral health services to residents in long-term care settings. Dr. Mansbach has an international reputation as a researcher, clinician, and consultant in the field of aging. He was a pioneer in the development of memory clinics and is the creator of the BCAT systems, which integrate cognitive tests, interventions, and dementia prevention programs. Dr. Mansbach’s most recent peerreviewed articles can be found here:

Steven P. Simmons, MD


Steven P. Simmons, MD, is a board-certified internist who received his bachelor of science degree with high honors from the University of Tennessee in 1989 and his medical degree from the University of Tennessee in 1993. He completed his residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, Colorado, and in 1996 was selected by his peers to receive the Dr. Annie Yee Johnson Memorial Award for compassion and professionalism. Dr. Simmons spent twelve years working in primary and urgent care at Kaiser Permanente before joining DocTalker in 2008, where he has been spearheading the practice’s house-call program. He is a member of the American Geriatric Society and Academy of Home Care Physicians, and  he presents frequently on providing medical care to the homebound with house calls. 

Jodi L. Lyons


Jodi Lyons is an eldercare expert who helps older adults and those with special needs find the care they need throughout the country. An ardent patient advocate, Ms. Lyons helps people navigate the complicated and often convoluted system, identify what they need, and learn how to create an action plan. She is a graduate of Brandeis University and a former president of the university’s Washington, DC, alumni association. She was on the executive committee of the Alzheimer’s Association, National Capital Area and was an Alzheimer’s Association ambassador to Capitol Hill. Ms. Lyons is a writer for and industry advisor to Telemedicine magazine. She also wrote the award-winning book The Smart Person’s Guide to Eldercare to empower and educate consumers, make sense of a complex system, and highlight some of the humor that can be found even in the most challenging times as we grow older.

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